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  • '''Amaze Entertainment''' is an American video game company who developed the [[Nintendo DS]] version of ''[[Crash of the Titan [[Category:Video game developers]]
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  • ...ment''' is a Japanese video game company who developed the [[Nintendo DS]] game, ''[[Crash Boom Bang!]]'' [[Category:Video game developers]]
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  • ...or ''[[Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled]]'', a remake of the [[PlayStation]] game ''[[Crash Team Racing]]''. They later helped on the development of ''[[Cras [[Category:Video game developers]]
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  • ...Dead Space}}'', and ''{{wp|Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (video game)|Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End}}''. [[Category:Video game developers]]
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  • ...over Mutant]]''. They were also the developers of ''[[Crash Landed]]'', a game that was eventually cancelled.
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  • '''Vicarious Visions''' is an American game developer located in Menands, New York, United States. They are have develo *''[[Crash Party U.S.A.]]'', a minigame accessible from the [[Game Boy Advance]] version of ''Crash Nitro Kart''
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  • ...ames and rejected pitches. A common reason for this because of the various developers and publishers it went through after [[Universal Studios]]' contract with [ !Game
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  • Naughty Dog Full Length 30th Anniversary Video]. ''YouTube''. Retrieved March 20, 2017.</ref> The ''Crash Bandicoot'' fran ...sual changes, due to the rights being held by numerous other companies and developers following Naughty Dog's departure from the series. In the original trilogy
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