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Arena Editor

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The Arena Editor is a mode found in the Extras menu of Crash Nitro Kart's console releases. It allows the player to edit the placement of objects in Battle Arenas for multiplayer Battle matches.

Selecting the editor allows the player to choose any of the game's Battle Arenas, after which they will be placed in the Arena they selected with Crash Bandicoot as their driver. The player can perform every driving technique in the editor, while the Arena won't play its background music.

The editor allows the player to place several kinds of crates in all of the locations they can reach with their driver, as well as crystals and flags for the game's Crystal Grab, Capture the Flag, and Steal the Bacon modes. In order to save their custom object placements, a certain quota of objects needs to be reached. A total amount of 50 objects can be placed in the editor.

Object Availability Amount required Limited to one?
Wumpa Crate All modes Not required No
Power-Up Crate All modes x3 No
Multiplier Crate All modes x1 No
TNT Crate All modes Not required No
NITRO Crate All modes Not required No
Crystal Crystal Grab only x1 No
Red Team Flag Capture the Flag only x1 Yes
Blue Team Flag Capture the Flag only x1 Yes
White Flag Steal the Bacon only x1 Yes

Battle Arenas with custom objects placements are known as Custom Arenas, and can be accessed separately from regular Battle Arenas in the game's multiplayer Battle mode. Only one Custom Arena can be saved to a Battle Arena. Trying to load a Custom Arena with no prior Custom Arena data will send the players to the regular version of the Battle Arena.


  • [Toggle Map/Speedometer] - Change object/Enable destroy mode
  • [Use Power-up] button - Place object