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Colored Gem

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Colored Gems are a recurring item in the Crash Bandicoot franchise

Location and uses[edit]

Colored Gems are a type of gem appearing in a variety of colors, which can vary between their appearances, but they generally consist of a Red Gem, a Blue Gem, a Green Gem, a Yellow Gem, and a Purple Gem. Unlike Clear Gems, Colored Gems are a lot more uncommon, and there is usually only one of a certain color for Crash to collect. Colored Gems are usually required to achieve a 100% completion rating.

Colored Gems first appear in the first Crash Bandicoot game. In this game and other platforming games, if Crash collects a Colored Gem, he can unlock a hidden pathway within a certain level. These hidden pathways are accessed by platforms, which appear as an outline at first, making them unusable. If Crash obtains a Colored Gem, its corresponding platform solid, allowing Crash to access the hidden pathway, which usually has a Clear Gem at the end. In a few games, collecting every Colored Gem allows Crash to access a multicolor gem path.

In the racing games, a Colored Gem is earned by completing a Gem Cup of the corresponding color.

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