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Crash Bandicoot Wiki is an online wiki covering the entire Crash Bandicoot franchise, hosted independently on Grifkuba. As with other wikis, it consists of articles and other content created by and for the use of Crash Bandicoot fans.

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Structure and functionality

Crash Bandicoot Wiki's content (articles, pictures, etc.) is added by its editors. By virtue of being a wiki, any visitor can become an editor. While some visitors create an account to edit, it is not required and some do not (however it is free and easy and comes with several benefits).

The site is managed by a group of contributors known as administrators, who have the ability to delete and undelete pages, protect pages, and edit the site's interface pages.

All decisions are made according to or with respect for consensus, determined by discussion among editors (via talk pages). Not the status of the contributor to the discussion nor the number of votes on a particular issue determine consensus—rather, the cogency of the presented arguments win out through a process of concession and good faith. However, regardless of any consensus, the dependence upon reliable sources to maintain the integrity of the site remains invariably paramount.


Crash Bandicoot Wiki was created partially in response to Super Mario Wiki's 2017 April Fool's joke, where they rebranded as "Crash Bandicoot Wiki" as a joke. Two years later, in 2019, a few people took the idea literally, as no independent wiki for the Crash Bandicoot franchise existed. A day later, Spyro Wiki was created, and it compliments Crash Bandicoot Wiki directly, just as the Spyro the Dragon games do for the Crash Bandicoot games.