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List of Uka Uka quotes

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This is a list of quotes by Uka Uka.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped[edit]

Story Intro[edit]

  • "Mwahahahahahahahaha! Free... At last..."
  • "None have dared to fail the great Uka Uka even once, but you, Cortex, you have failed me TWICE!"
  • "From deep inside my temple prison, I sent you simple instructions to follow. But you lost the gems, you lost the crystals, AND I HAVE LOST MY PATIENCE! There is now no other power source left on this planet."
  • "And failed! But, since your bumbling has managed to set me free, I am feeling... generous. There is still a way to amass the power needed to enslave this miserable planet, and this time...THIS TIME, THE GREAT UKA UKA WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO IT RIGHT!"


  • "Why, why must you continue to be a thorn on our side?!" (After entering the 6th level)
  • "I will inflict a thousand years of suffering on you and the entire universe!" (After entering the 15th level)
  • "You insolent, insignificant morons! By defeating N. Tropy, you have placed us all in grave risk!" (After defeating N. Tropy)
  • "What!? For this we must destroy you!" (After defeating N. Gin)
  • "And in fact, we're FURIOUS! But it seems you have overlooked one small detail, you little orange delivery-boy! Now that you have gathered all the Crystals, all we have to do... IS TAKE THEM FROM YOU!". (Entering the Neo Cortex's portal)

Neo Cortex's portal[edit]

  • "Crash Bandicoot, for the last time, give the Crystals to me…" (At the beginning of N. Cortex boss fight)
  • "It's not over, bandicoot! There are still the Gems! We still have a chance to triumph! Wohahahahaha!!!" (After defeating Dr Cortex)

  • "Yes, it is true! The bandicoot has brought all of the Crystals and all of the Gems to me! ULTIMATE POWER IS MINE! The world as we know it IS ABOUT TO END!" (At the beginning of his boss fight)
  • "No... it cannot be! Not a prisoner of time again! AAAAAAAGH!!!"(After defeating him)

Game Over[edit]

  • "Game Over."
  • "When will you ever learn, you miserable bandicoots?!" (When selecting Yes in the Game Over screen)

Crash Team Racing[edit]

Opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Welcome to the adventure arena. You can travel around this area and practice your driving skills. The dots and stars on the map represent Warp Pads, which lead to races."
  • "When they flash, it signifies they are open to play. The dots and stars on the map represent Warp Pads, which lead to races. When they flash, it signifies they are open to play."
  • "Finish a track in first place to win a trophy. As you collect more trophies, other tracks will turn on and open to you. Good luck, and drive fast!"


  • "To access this track, you must first collect the number of trophies required to turn on the Warp Pad. To get trophies, you must race other open tracks and come in first place." (no enough trophies)
  • "Congratulations on opening this new area! Here you will find four more tracks to race. Good luck!" (after completing the first area)


  • "The more Wumpa Fruit you collect, the faster your kart will go. If you collect and hold 10 Wumpa Fruit you'll be juiced up and your power ups will become more potent." (about the Wumpa Fruit)


  • "Congratulations. You're earned a Trophy."
  • "Great. You've earned a Relic."
  • "Congratulations. You've won a Gem."