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Farmer Ernest

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Farmer Ernest
First appearance Crash Twinsanity (2004)
Species Emu

Farmer Ernest is an emu farmer who runs an orchard of Wumpa Trees in the outskirts of N. Sanity Island. He only appears in Crash Twinsanity during the level Totem Hokum. Farmer Ernest has dark gray feathers, a light gray beak, and arms that resemble wings, with feathery digits as his fingers. Farmer Ernest wears a straw hat, a white button-up shirt, light blue overalls with two large red buttons, and brown shoes with white shoelaces. He also has a wheat head sticking out of his mouth.

When Crash and Cortex encounter Farmer Ernest at his farmhouse, he asks them to rid his orchard of Worms, as the Worms are preventing him from being able to grow Wumpa Trees for the farmer's market the following day. Ernest promises both of them a Power Crystal, although Cortex uses his Blaster to paralyze Ernest and steals it from him.