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Ninja Penguin

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Ninja Penguins are enemies that appear in Crash Tag Team Racing. They are the only enemies in the game, and they appear in every area of Von Clutch's MotorWorld except The Midway. Ninja Penguins are penguins that wear a red belt and headband and have a sheathed sword on their back.

Ninja Penguins try to attack Crash by belly-sliding into him. If Crash is hit by a Ninja Penguin, he drops a few Wumpa Coins. Crash can attack Ninja Penguins by spinning into them or by jumping on them. If Crash jumps on a Ninja Penguin, it gets squished slightly. Crash can defeat a Ninja Penguin by spinning into it a few times. Ninja Penguins reappear in a hub area whenever Crash enters and exits that location.

A Ninja Penguin is shown on the loading screen, where it is poking its head out from behind a short pile of car tires.