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First appearance Crash Twinsanity (2004)
Latest appearance Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! (2021)
Mutagen Ant

The Ants, also named Ant drones,[1] are a species of interdimensional-traveling drones who appear in Crash Twinsanity. Ants are generally depicted as small and quite weak, but are often found in groups. All Ants have an affinity for Wumpa Fruit, and will attack anyone who tries to stop them from collecting these.

Ants come in a few variants aside from their standard form. The standard Ants are typically metallic blue in color, and often carry a Lightsaber-like weapon. These Ants can sometimes spawn from wormholes. These Ants appear in the levels Cavern Catastrophe, Rooftop Rampage, Rock-Slide Rumble, and Ant Agony. They also make a brief appearance in the Academy of Evil, and are fought during the three-wave fight in the Iceberg Lab.

In Cavern Catastrophe. Crash and Cortex find themselves in an underground cavern after Cortex tried to eliminate Crash with a Mecha-Bandicoot, Cortex throws a tantrum and attacks Crash, sending them both tumbling through the cavern. After a while, Crash throws Cortex off of him, and Cortex lands in front of a Power Crystal. When he grabs it, a rumbling is heard below them. All of a sudden, a gigantic tunnel boring machine emerges from the ground, and several Ants exit from it. The Ants proceed to hoard any and all crates of Wumpa Fruit from the vicinity into the machine, and only retreat once Crash eliminates them all.

The Ants are a race of Tenth Dimension robots built by the Evil Twins to be teleported into the Third Dimension and steal Wumpa Fruit for the Evil Twins' diabolical schemes. Most of the time they come to Crash's dimension through purple warp portals, though in other times (for example, the Cavern Catastrophe level) they arrive in a large drilling device used for burrowing underground. They almost never attack alone, always in large groups. They try to hoard crates of Wumpa Fruit, so Crash must kill them before they take them away.


  • Drill Ants are relatively rare types of Ants which are generally brown in color and have drill-like devices on their heads. Their typical methods of attacking are to persistently charge at enemies, or to burrow into the floor and rise to attack.
  • Fire Ants are relatively rare types of Ants which are typically red in color, and attack by breathing fire at their enemies.
  • Jet Ants are typically metallic blue in color, and attack with laser guns or run toward predators. They only appear in Ant Agony.


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