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Evil Twins

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Evil Twins
First appearance Crash Twinsanity (2004)
Latest appearance Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (2020) (cameo)

The Evil Twins, named Victor and Moritz, are a pair of characters in Crash Twinsanity.

Physical traits[edit]

Being twins, Victor and Moritz look very similar to each other. Both resemble parakeets with orange spots on their heads, though their wings have been substituted for arms since their mutation. The attire of both twins resemble that of an astronaut, complete with a large glass dome surrounding their heads. Lastly, both stand on floating platforms for the majority of the game, and aren't seen walking until the ending cutscene. Despite their similarities, there are some slight physical differences between the two. Victor's skin is a blue-green color, and his cape is black, while Moritz's skin is an aqua-green color, and his cape is red.


The two twins have differing personalities. Victor appears to be the smarter and more sinister of the duo, and does most of the talking. In his initial entrance, Victor does not give a reason for wanting to destroy the Wumpa Islands, and only wants to play sadistic "mind games" with Doctor Cortex, taking advantage of his weak state after his minions temporarily abandon him. His temperament only becomes more serious as Cortex progresses through the game and endures humiliation after humiliation, with Victor focusing less on making a fool out of him and more on killing him. Moritz is the comic relief half of the twins, frequently desiring food and being generally oblivious, being the one that reveals the secret of their riches to Cortex and Crash. Unlike Victor, Moritz does not really develop as the game progresses, keeping true to his silly demeanor even before being devoured by Evil Crash. The one trait both of the Twins hold is a grudge against Cortex for ruining their lives, going as far as attempting to destroy his dimension to get rid of him.


As a result of being transported to the Tenth Dimension, Victor and Moritz have been mutated, giving them reality-warping powers and warping their minds. They demonstrate these immense powers throughout the game, such as pulling Cortex's brain out of his ear, bringing a totem god to life, and fast-forwarding Cortex (as to avoid having to listen to him rant). They are even able to defeat the combined forces of Aku Aku and Uka Uka (who are supposedly quite powerful when teamed up), suggesting that the Evil Twins are capable of performing extremely devastating deeds.


Early life[edit]

The Evil Twins were once ordinary parakeets owned by Doctor Neo Cortex when he was a child at the Academy of Evil. Cortex was using them as guinea pigs while testing a prototype version of the Evolvo-Ray. However, instead of evolving the parrots, they were transported to the Tenth Dimension, where they were exposed to "severe reverso-radiation", mutating them into psychokinetic creatures.

Crash Twinsanity[edit]

In Crash Twinsanity, the Evil Twins are the main antagonists. They make their return to the Third Dimension, which is where Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex live. The Evil Twins confront Crash and Cortex and announce their plans to destroy both them and N. Sanity Island. After the Evil Twins play with Cortex's brain, Crash and Cortex chase down the Evil Twins to a totem god, which the Evil Twins bring to life in an attempt to eliminate the two. After Tikimon's defeat, Victor announces his plan to suck the goodness out of the Third Dimension, leaving behind a barren wasteland, after which they leave. When Aku Aku and Uka Uka attempt to defeat the Evil Twins themselves, they are defeated and rendered motionless with ease. The Evil Twins visit Cortex's Iceberg Lab personally, and brag about their infinite power, but inadvertently reveal that they are extremely wealthy. They attempt to defeat Crash and Cortex with their vast army of Ants, but they too are destroyed. The Evil Twins decide to flee, but promise that they'll return. They aren't seen again until Crash and Cortex depart for Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil, during which they appear on Cortex's airship and fetch more Ants to kill him. When Cortex and the gang reach Victor and Moritz's stronghold, the Evil Twins give them one last fight and create a giant, multi-phased Deathbot out of their old cage. When the Deathbot is destroyed by the Mecha-Bandicoot, Victor and Moritz flee the wreck. They are last seen walking into Evil Crash's house for an unknown reason. They are eaten off-screen by Evil Crash.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Evil Twins are named after the mad scientist Victor Moritz, a character in the 1931 film adaption of Frankenstein. According to Richard M. Albon, the Evil Twins were based on his girlfriend's two ornery cockatiels.[1] Concept art for Crash Bandicoot Evolution (the precursor to Crash Twinsanity) suggests that the Evil Twins were originally intended to have reptilian appearance, with visible scales and long tails.[2]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese エビル ツインズ
Ebiru Tsinzu
Same as English.


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