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Doctor Neo Cortex
Neo Cortex.png
First appearance Crash Bandicoot (1996)
Latest appearance Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019)
Species Human
Affiliation Uka Uka
Voice actor(s) Brendan O'Brien (1996)
Clancy Brown (19972003)
Lex Lang (2004–present)
Debi Derryberry (child; 2004)
Corey Burton (baby; 2017)
"Cortex" redirects here. For information about Dr. Neo Cortex's niece, see Nina Cortex.
“Finally, after all these years of abuse, the tables have turned! Who's the little guy now?”
Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure

Doctor Neo Periwinkle Cortex[1][2] (also known as N. Cortex, Neo Cortex or simply Cortex) is a mad scientist and the main antagonist of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. He is Crash Bandicoot's creator, and one of Uka Uka's main minions.


Cortex is a short human with yellow skin, big head with green tattooed N, half bald, black hair and goatee. He wears a white lab coat, black clothes underneath, wears rubber gloves and rubber boots.



Neo Cortex was the youngest son of a clown couple, he was different from his parents in spending his time reading science books. At the age of 3, started to be ridiculed by a particularly cruel group of performers and they tattooed on his head an N which means Nerd. Be cause this, Cortex causes a mysterious explosion in the circus that lived and his sinister goal that he was assigned is rule the world for this.[3] The survivors is some brother who would generate Nina Cortex.[4]

At the age of 6, Cortex enrolled in a high school where he meets N. Brio and the pair were bulled by students. Be cause this, the pair cause an explosion destroing the high school affecting a part of town and the both took shelter in an abandoned plutonium mine.[3]

At the age of 8, Neo along with N. Brio enrolled at the Academy of Evil where mostly Cortex was overwhelmed by director Madame Amberly and was where he met N. Gin. It was here that Cortex developed the Evolvo-Ray and used his pet parrots Victor and Moritz as animal experimentations sending to the 10th Dimension.[5]

In adulthood, Cortex served in the Da Nang Air Base during the Vietnam War.[6] and worked in a community scientific where he is mocked by his colleagues for his outlandish theories and became motivated by the desire to silence his opposition.[7] For their criminal activities, Cortex along with Brio were wanted by military forces and they were forced to take shelter on one from 3 islands.[3] In one of the islands that is his base operations, he knows Uka Uka where he gives instructions on how to take over the world.[8] So he establishes his facilities and capture various animals from the 3 islands to create an army of superanimals.

Main series

In first game, Cortex create a bandicoot called Crash Bandicoot to be the Cortex Commandos general until failed by Cortex Vortex defects and intends to test Tawna Bandicoot. After Crash ruin his world, Cortex decides to personally eliminate him on his hoverboard atop his airship shooting 3 types of plasma until be hit by green plasmas countless times. When it crashes on his own island, he finds a crystal mine where he would begin his new plan.

1 year later in second game, Cortex establishes a space station where is accompanied with N. Gin to enslave the world with Cortex Vortex. He has a master crystal, but needs slave crystals to execute this plan and then he needed the help of an enemy that is the Crash. He asks Crash to get all the crystals in warp rooms with good intention to stop the planets aligning until his farce is revealed by Coco Bandicoot. He tries to escape with crystal, but is taken from his hands by Crash. But his final defeat was the destruction of the space station caused by N. Brio.

In third game, his tutor Uka Uka is released from prison where he gets scolded for failing twice and gets help from N. Tropy which is summoned by Uka Uka. Cortex begins production of Lab Assistants and call his goons to capture gems and crystals over time periods. When Crash and Coco defeat their henchmen, Cortex try attack Crash with plasmas and time bombs to be defeated for being thrown into a vacuum. But his final defeat was swallowed whole by distant past warp sphere turning into a baby and disputing the Uka Uka with N. Tropy.

In fouth game, Cortex designs another space station where he and his goons get scolded by Uka Uka during the reunion. When N. Tropy and N. Gin talks about the super secret weapon, Cortex start remembering, would need a power source which is the final solution and in point which Uka Uka thinks of the Elementals. Neo Cortex presents his secret weapon to the Crash, Coco and Aku Aku which is the Crunch Bandicoot where the same is controlled by the evil scientist. After the first failure, there was a chance to collect the gems to resurrect the elementals. But the last flaw he was going to be eliminated by Uka Uka until he dodged the attack hitting the machinery. With the station about to be destroyed, Cortex along with Uka Uka goes to a capsule that is thrown to the south pole and Cortex is attacked by Uka Uka.

3 year later in fifth game, Cortex disguises himself as Coco to make Crash follow him into a trap. At the end of the line, Cortex reveals himself by preparing a marsupial birthday (which is actually a convention of villains). Cortex tries to attack with plasmas and bombs until be hit by green plasmas countless times, but he does not give up and calls the Mecha Bandicoot (controlled by N. Gin). Cortex is very angry at his defeat and starts attacking Crash in which the two fight, find a crystal and try to survive along with Crash. The Evil Twins' appearance makes Cortex start having a complicated life, he is attacked by bees, chased by a bear and imprisoned by Tribesmen until saved by Crash. With this, he starts to make a truce with his enemy showing his lab which begins operations to go in the 10th Dimension even have some setbacks and was even used as a surfboard by Crash to go on N. Gin's Battleship. As he was about to prepare everything, Cortex is attacked by Coco when he thinks he kidnapped a crash, Cortex is attacked by Coco when she thinks he kidnapped a Crash, When Coco sabotages the preparations, Cortex needs the help of his niece Nina Cortex to fix it and for that he needs to go to the Academy of Evil. In this institution he gets stuck in a pipe on boiler room, betrayed by Dingodile, faced several complications at the academy to search Nina and fight against Madame Amberly. Cortex already remembered who the Evil Twins are when he was 8 years old. In the 10th dimension, Cortex is once again used by Crash to save Nina, chased by the Evil Crash and is the second to battle against Evil Twins' machine. In ending, Cortex tries to send Crash to another dimension, but he is trapped on brain of same.


In Crash Team Racing, Cortex is owns a hub called Citadel City, his home track is Cortex Castle and his protector is Uka Uka. He is member of evil team from Crash Bash and leader of Team Cortex from Crash Nitro Kart.


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