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Cortex Island

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Cortex Island is the third and final island in the Wumpa Islands. It serves as a home for the villains, such as Doctor Neo Cortex, whom the island is named after. Cortex Island makes its debut in the first game, Crash Bandicoot. Cortex Island is the largest of the three Wumpa Islands.

Cortex Island became industrialized ever since Cortex lived here, as this is where he builds his inventions, and it is also where his castle, Cortex Castle, is located. There is a refinery named Cortex Power, which is a large source of pollution, especially from dumping large amounts of toxic waste into the ocean. Besides Cortex's inventions and industrialized areas, Cortex Island consists of a beach, palm trees, two rocky mountains, a rope bridge, a temple where Uka Uka was imprisoned, and ruins.


Prior to Crash Bandicoot[edit]

Shown in the ruins levels from second game which that island was inhabited by primates only. Here was the Uka Uka's prison where his twin brother Aku Aku holds him in a temple built on a high mountain for his crimes against world.

Eons later, this island served as a shelter for Cortex and N. Brio to hide from various forces where the pair is wanted.[1] The construction of Cortex's two facilities changed the island's environment where it was completely polluted by toxic waste refinery and patrolled by robots & mutants.

Main series[edit]

When Crash Bandicoot was created by Cortex in first game, this island was invaded by him where the Cortex's facilities were sabotaged and thugs defeated to save his girlfriend Tawna Bandicoot. One year later, this island served as housing for N. Brio and all flora begins to produce after the disarming of the harmful facilities in the first game. In third game, once again this island is shown where a piece of Cortex Vortex spacestation goes towards it where destroys the Uka Uka's temple prison.


Locations Description
Cortex Island - Uka Uka's Temple.png
Uka Uka's Temple
This temple was the entrance for Uka Uka's underground prison that he was trapped by Aku Aku eons ago. Shown in the third game, the temple is situated below the high mountain which is the Jaw of Darkness. Here Cortex was instructed by Uka Uka to take over the world.
Cortex Island - Cortex Power.png
Cortex Power
The Cortex's power plant is the cause of pollution on this island. An overload of toxic waste and smoke from the chimneys was contaminating this island and was operated by Pinstripe Potoroo and his thugs. With Pinstripe's defeat, this refinery was deactivated.
Cortex Island - Cortex Castle.png
Cortex Castle
Here was the Cortex's lair where he created his mutant animals. Several Lab Assistants patrolled this castle, vultures fly over by outside and spiders by inside. With N. Brio's defeat, this fortress is destroyed where several rooms were set on fire.




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