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Static Orb

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Static Orbs[1] are a racing weapon that only appear in Crash Nitro Kart. They are spiky, purple objects that are surrounded by a dark purple sphere of electricity. A racer can place a Static Orb on the track, and if a racer drives into a Static Orb, their kart short circuits and spins out, much like what an Ice Mine or an N. Brio's Breaker does, except the racer's item is randomly selected as well.

If a racer has collected ten Wumpa Fruit, their Static Orb becomes juiced. Its appearance is largely the same, but is surrounded by red electricity. A juiced Static Orb draws itself to a nearby kart and attempts to attach itself to it. If a racer touches a juiced Static Orb, their kart spins out slightly longer, and their steering controls are reversed for a few seconds. The racer also loses their held item instead of receiving a different one.



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