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Crash Bandicoot Evolution

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Crash Bandicoot Evolution is a scrapped game that would later become Crash Twinsanity. The game was largely different from Crash Twinsanity, as it would have featured a large-scale sci-fi setting combined with some RPG elements. Crash Bandicoot Evolution was developed by Traveller's Tales, who began on it shortly after the release of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.

The game's story is that the Evil Twins and the Ants were taking over the world and Crash had to travel to different planets to help their inhabitants against the Twins. Most of the enemies set to appear can be seen in Twinsanity's concept art (the Goat King, rock bees, etc). The known worlds that were set to appear are: a fish-people inhabited world, a planet known as Gaudi, and a place called the Hanging City, where the rich live in the floating part above and the poor live in the slums below. Crash Bandicoot was going to have to undertake quests to gain the trust of the different inhabitants of each world. To aid him, he would have had a companion on his arm called Foofie, an animal that could transform into different shapes. Crash would have also had to team up with Cortex against the Twins, which is a concept that was carried over into Crash Twinsanity.

The story for Crash Bandicoot Evolution was later changed due its coincidental similarities to the plot of Ratchet & Clank in the sense that the antagonists were taking the best parts of other planets to make their own.

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