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Cortex Chaos

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Concept art for the first proposal, which involved several smaller Cortex clones.

Cortex Chaos, also known as The All-New Cortex Show, was the name of a game project from Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio. It never went past the concept phase, and development for it began after Crash Twinsanity was released. As the title implies, it would have starred Dr. Neo Cortex. The project was led by Keith Webb. Everything that is known about the game was posted on Crash Mania in 2006 by Keith Webb.


At least three proposals were made for how the game would be.

  • One proposal was Pikmin-inspired gameplay, where Cortex would control several smaller humanoid or robotic clones of himself. These clones would perform small tasks, such as picking up and throwing bombs, collecting items, or lining up to create a bridge.
  • Another proposal was to make it a Mega Man-style game and a follow-up to Crash Twinsanity. The story would be about Cortex, who was removed from the Evil Scientist league (a team of evil doctors that includes N. Trance, N. Brio, N. Gin, N. Oxide, etc.) for associating with Crash Bandicoot. N. Tropy would take over as the new leader of the Evil Scientist league, who would then team up to get revenge on Neo Cortex. As such, each level would be based around one of the Evil Scientists. At least three new villains were introduced—Doctor N.Tombed, Doctor N. Tertain, and Doctor N. Tangle—the former two being a huge Egyptian mummy-like pharaoh and a clown-like doctor respectively. In the Crash Mania post, Keith Webb did not completely remember what Doctor N.Tangled would have been, but thought it would have plants growing from it.
  • Another proposal was for Cortex to use weapon upgrades, and Nina would have had a larger role. There is concept art of a blueprint design showing three images of Cortex an invention, each having a self-explanatory name: the Bomb-zooka, the Teleporter Ray, and the Magnet Magnum.


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