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Crash Twinsanity 3D

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Not to be confused with Crash Twinsanity (mobile), another mobile game based on Crash Twinsanity.

Crash Twinsanity 3D is a 3D platform mobile game based on Crash Twinsanity, and it was released in 2004. The game was developed by Kuju Entertainment and published by Vivendi Games Mobile and Wonderphone for an exclusive selection of 3G java-enabled handsets that accompanied the commercial launch of Vodafone live!, including the Motorola E1000, V980 and C980, the Nokia 6630, the Sony Ericsson V800, the Sharp 802 SH and 902 SH, and the Toshiba V902T.[1]


Crash Bandicoot is the playable character. He must run along a three-dimensional vertical road, like in the main series, and dodge obstacles, such as Nitro Crates, defeat enemies and collect items en route. Crash has three lives, and if he comes into contact with an enemy or a stage hazard, he loses a life.


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