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Crash of the Titans (mobile)

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Crash of the Titans
Developer(s) DeValley Entertainment
Publisher Vivendi Games Mobile
Release date(s) USA November 2007[1]
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Console(s) J2ME
Mode(s) Single player

Crash of the Titans is a 2D platform beat 'em up mobile game developed by DeValley Entertainment and published by Vivendi Games Mobile in November 2007.[1] It is based on the console game of the same name.


The player controls Crash Bandicoot, who has the ability to jack enemies during fights; in doing so, he slams an Aku Aku mask over their heads to take control of them. The game includes a fighting system including punches, flying kicks, combo attacks and a special counter-move.


Vivendi Games Mobile held a competition in the United Kingdom open to customers of the O2 Store for a chance to appear in the special version of the game as a character named Dimbo. To be eligible, contestants had to download Crash Boom Bang! from the O2 Active portal; alternatively, contestants could enter via email.[2] The competition was won by Stephen Massart, whose head was superimposed onto an enemy character to create Dimbo (while in the regular version of the game the Dimbos resemble elephant mutants).[3]


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