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Crash Landed (game)

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Screenshot of Crash in an area of Wumpa Island

Crash Landed, also named I Am Crash Bandicoot, is a canceled Crash Bandicoot game that was being developed by Radical Entertainment shortly after the release of Crash: Mind over Mutant. Crash Landed started development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it would have been ported to the Wii afterward. The game was originally slated for a release in 2010. Crash Landed would have been accompanied by a racing game with the working title of Crash Team Racing, which was also canceled.

Pitches were being accepted for a Nintendo DS version. One of the contenders was Renegade Kid, who went as far as producing a playable demo as their pitch. Another contender was WayForward, whose pitch would eventually become the basis for Galactic Taz Ball.

The game's music would have been composed by Gabriel Mann and Rebecca Kneubuhl, both members of Spiralmouth. The main theme was reminiscent of the golden age of American animation.

In 2010, after about two years of development, Crash Landed was canceled by Radical Entertainment's parent company, Activision. At the time, Activision laid off many of its employees, which included Crash Landed's entire development team. Although Radical produced several concepts and animations for Crash Landed, the game had little gameplay to offer, which contributed to the reason for its cancellation.


The story would have revolved around Crash Bandicoot's origins. After being mutated by Doctor Neo Cortex, Crash would have been tasked with rescuing the other defenseless Bandicoots (named "bandicutes") that Cortex has imprisoned. Dingodile would have been a major villain, and an unfinished cutscene shows him firing several bandicoots out of a cannon.


Crash Landed would have introduced a gameplay mechanic where Crash could create wacky gadgets via an invention system. To make a gadget, Crash would need to find items and mix them together. The ability to ride a warthog, like in the first game, would have also been implemented.

The game would have had various weather effects, such as rain, and cycles between day and night. Other environmental effects included Crash getting muddy or wobbling across tall grass.

Like Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind over Mutant, which were recently released at the time, Crash would have had a health bar. If Crash was low on health, he would lose his pants and would be forced to run around in his underwear. Like in the latter game, Crash would have retained the ability to latch onto walls.


  • Frogzooka: could be created by sticking a frog inside of a bottle. Crash would then use the Frogzooka to fire its tongue at enemies to swallow them, reel in objects toward him and vice versa, and use it with a catapult to launch himself into the air.
  • Boombat:
  • Glow Top:
  • Fertilizer Gun
  • Bottle Rocket-Launcher
  • Jet Pack
  • Jet Ski


The game would have consisted of open world areas with a linear path to follow and optional areas, like with Crash Twinsanity. Crash would have explored several islands, and four of the known ones were:

  • Black Rock Island: It is similar to Wumpa Island, and it sports a giant tree and lava caves. In the caves was a huge firefly hive where Crash would have fought the firefly queen.
  • Desert island: A wasteland with a giant oil refinery built around it.
  • Crocodile Island: An island consisting of lush jungles with swamps. It would have been where Crash met Dingodile and fought him.
  • The final area would have been the laboratory where Cortex experimented on animals and where Crash was mutated.


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