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Tikimon is a large totem god who appears in Crash Twinsanity as the second boss. It is fought on N. Sanity Island by both Crash Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex. Tikimon is found asleep slumbering in the middle of a high plateau surrounded by cliffs. It sticks out from the ground, and only the upper part of its body is ever shown.

When Crash and Cortex reach this area on the way to the Iceberg Lab, they are confronted by the Evil Twins, who cause Tikimon to awaken. He is armed with four arms, laser eyes, and a high-pitched screech used to summon small tiki creatures from the ground. To attack Tikimon, Crash must throw Cortex into Tikimon's mouth while it is performing its summoning screech attack. Crash must do this a total of three times to defeat Tikimon.

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