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Pit Stop

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The Pit Stop is a shop featured in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled where characters, skins, decals, karts, wheels and paint jobs can be bought using Wumpa Coins. It consists of two bundle slots of discounted items and six slots for packs and individual items.


At the start of every day (12:00AM UTC), the Pit Stop refreshes with set new deals occupying each of the slots. If a player has already bought one of the deals, then a new one takes its place, until one that the player has not bought shows up. Bundle slots can only contain bundle deals, while non-bundle slots can contain everything else. Sticker packs, which may contain paint jobs, are always in non-bundle slots.


Deals and individual items may be GP Limited, meaning they are exclusive to the Grand Prix and are available in the store during its duration with a few days of extra time. One GP Limited deals of each type are always prioritized over regular deals each day of a Grand Prix. However, only regular deals show up after buying them unless there are no more regular deals to buy. GP Limited deals and items are marked with the symbol of their corresponding Grand Prix next to their prices or names in the table below.

Grand Prix Character Bundles are all limited in time. Limited items are eventually added back permanently to the Pit Stop after a few months.


Most bundles feature items discounted to a percentage of the sum of their items' value. Some of these items can be bought separately at full price. Items already owned are discounted of their value in bundles.

Items and Bundles which are listed below with a Grand Prix icon means that they are only available in the current Grand Prix.

With new items being added and de-added every month (without counting Last Chance Bundles and Nitros Oxide Edition early unlocks), the total minimum cost of buying everything in the pit stop has changed quite a lot over time:

Last Chance[edit]

Last Chances were bundles containing all Nitro Gauge rewards of a past Grand Prix. They had the same cost as the Nitro Fill Up option available at the end of a Grand Prix, meaning it would priced according to how many Nitro Points a player was lacking. They were only available during the first week of the following Grand Prix or update. As an exception, the Spyro N. Friends bundle was also available during the first week of Neon Circus because of an issue with the first implementation of the Nitro Fill Up feature for some players.

Character Bundles[edit]

Main article: List of Pit Stop character bundles

Character Bundles contain at least one Character or Character Skin. They also contain other items for most such as Paint Jobs, Decals, Wheels or Stickers. New bundles with three to four skins introduced since the Neon Circus Grand Prix are discounted at 25% of their value. Other Bundles are discounted at 10% of their value.

Kart Sets[edit]

Main article: List of Kart Sets

Kart Sets usually contain a Kart Body, its corresponding Paint Job and Wheels as well as a Decal.


Main article: List of Pit Stop characters

Characters in the Pit Stop are priced 1,500 Wumpa Coins each.

Character Skins[edit]

Main article: List of Pit Stop character skins

Character skins cost 2,500 Wumpa Coins each. They can be bought without the need to buy or unlock related characters, but then cannot be used. Following the Post-Grand Prix update, there are two types of skins available in the Pit Stop: Legendary skins and Legendary re-colors, with up to 3 re-colored skins per character.

Paint Jobs[edit]

Main article: List of Pit Stop paint jobs

Paint jobs affect the coloration of a kart.


Main article: List of Pit Stop decals

Decal Bundles[edit]

Main article: List of Pit Stop decal bundles

Decal Bundles include a set of four decals for a specific kart, usually available individually in the Pit Stop. They were introduced in the Neon Circus Grand Prix to sell decals at a discount price. They all cost 1,125 Wumpa Coins with exception of the Imperium, Dusty Rider and Nuke packs which cost 1,500 Wumpa Coins, the Phantom, Nitro Bumper and Velo Chopper packs costing 1,000 Wumpa Coins and the Desert Duster pack costing 1,075 Wumpa Coins.


Main article: List of Pit Stop wheels

The available separate Wheels are all in the Legendary tier and cost 2,500 Wumpa Coins.

Sticker Packs[edit]

Main article: List of Pit Stop sticker packs

These are bundles consisting of a few stickers.

Color Sets[edit]

Color Sets only appeared during the Nitro Tour Grand Prix. They contain an exotic Paint Job each with one or three country flag Stickers, which are tiered Legendary.