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Back N. Time Grand Prix

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Back N. Time Grand Prix
Back N Time Grand Prix.jpg
Duration August 2 - August 25, 2019
Character(s) Baby T
Baby Crash
Baby Coco
Kart(s) Nostalginator
Probulot 2000
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The Back N. Time Grand Prix was the second Grand Prix in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It lasted from August 2nd to August 25th, 2019. It has both a prehistoric theme and a time travel theme. All exclusive items from the Back N. Time Grand Prix were permanently added back into the Pit Stop at the start of the Neon Circus Grand Prix.

Pit Stop exclusives[edit]

The total minimum cost of buying every item at the Pit Stop is 60,900 Wumpa Coins.

Character bundles[edit]

Each character bundle costs 3,375 Wumpa Coins.

Bundle Items
Baby Crash bundle.png
Back N. Time: Baby Crash
Default icon.pngCTRNF Baby Crash icon.png

Baby Crash

Legendary icon.pngBaby Crash sticker.png

Baby Crash

Exotic icon.pngPastel paint job.png

Paint Job

Exotic icon.pngBed Time decal.png

Decal (Nostalginator)
Bed Time

Baby Coco bundle.png
Back N. Time: Baby Coco
Default icon.pngCTRNF Baby Coco icon.png

Baby Coco

Legendary icon.pngBaby Coco sticker.png

Baby Coco

Exotic icon.pngFloating Flowers decal.png

Decal (Nostalginator)
Floating Flowers

Exotic icon.pngPastel paint job.png

Paint Job

Kart Sets[edit]

Bundle Items Wumpa Coins
Weird Science Kart Set.png
Weird Science
Default icon.pngCTRNF Probulot 2000 Kart icon.png

Probulot 2000

Exotic icon.pngProbulot 2000 Teal paint job.png

Paint Job
Probulot Teal

Basic icon.pngSide Stripes decal.png

Decal (Probulot 2000)
Side Stripes

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Mad Scientist Crash icon.png

Mad Scientist Crash

Sticker Packs[edit]

The Dino Pack which originally contained the Fake Ptero Head and Fake Triceratops Head stickers was glitched out of the Pit Stop during the Back N. Time Grand Prix. It appeared in the Pit Stop but could not be bought. As such, those stickers were unobtainable until the Neon Circus Grand Prix which reintroduced them in a different bundle

Sticker Pack Items Wumpa Coins
Rock Art sticker pack.png
Rock Art
Basic icon.pngCave Painting of T-Rex Chicken sticker.png

Cave Painting of T-Rex Chicken

Basic icon.pngCave Painting of Fake Caveman sticker.png

Cave Painting of Fake Caveman

Exotic icon.pngT-Rex Chicken Head sticker.png

T-Rex Chicken Head

Dino Pack sticker pack.png
Dino Pack
Exotic icon.pngFake Ptero Head sticker.png

Fake Ptero Head

Exotic icon.pngFake Triceratops Head sticker.png

Fake Triceratops Head

Individual items[edit]

Default icon.pngCTRNF Baby Crash icon.png

Baby Crash

Default icon.pngCTRNF Baby Coco icon.png

Baby Coco

Each character costs 1,500 Wumpa Coins to unlock.
Character Skins
Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Mad Scientist Crash icon.png

Mad Scientist Crash

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Tiny Gladiator icon.png

Tiny Gladiator

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Sabertooth Pura icon.png

Sabertooth Pura

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Mad Scientist Ripper Roo icon.png

Mad Scientist Ripper Roo

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Stone Age N Tropy icon.png

Stone Age N. Tropy

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Caveman Zem icon.png

Caveman Zem

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Jurassic Krunk icon.png

Jurassic Krunk

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Wooden Doll N Trance icon.png

Wooden Doll N. Trance

Each character skin costs 2,500 Wumpa Coins.
Paint Jobs
Legendary icon.pngQuartz paint job.png


Legendary icon.pngObsidian paint job.png


Each paint job costs 750 Wumpa Coins.
Kart Basic
250 Wumpa Coins
500 Wumpa Coins
1000 Wumpa Coins
Nostalginator - - Exotic icon.pngFloating Flowers decal.png

Floating Flowers

Exotic icon.pngBed Time decal.png

Bed Time

Legendary icon.pngBath Time decal.png

Bath Time

Probulot 2000 - Basic icon.pngFuture Highway decal.png

Future Highway

Exotic icon.pngCool Zebra decal.png

Cool Zebra

Exotic icon.png80s Fashion decal.png

80's Fashion

Legendary icon.pngPitfall decal.png


Mammoth Basic icon.pngPrimal Splash decal.png

Primal Splash

Basic icon.pngJungle Stripes decal.png

Jungle Stripes

Exotic icon.pngCrude Kraken decal.png

Crude Kraken

- -
Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Pink Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Pink Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Red Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Red Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Green Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Green Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Orange Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Orange Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Blue Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Blue Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Purple Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Purple Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Aqua Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Aqua Lava Rock

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Yellow Lava Rock Wheels icon.png

Yellow Lava Rock

Each set of wheels cost 2,500 Wumpa Coins.

Leaderboard unlocks[edit]

Due to a bug, the original Back N. Time Decal for the Champion Kart was given to all players who participated in the first Grand Prix at the start of the second one. Instead of removing its unlock, Beenox announced four days before the end of the second Grand Prix that a different decal would be prized to players reaching the top 5% of its leaderboards. The original Back N. Time decal is now unlocked for anyone winning the Champion kart in any Grand Prix.[1]

The player's racer must have won in the top 5% of the leaderboard in order to obtain all of these items.

Default icon.pngCTRNF Champion Kart icon.png


Exotic icon.pngCTRNF Champion Wheels icon.png


Exotic icon.pngChampion Indigo paint job.png

Paint Job
Champion Indigo

Legendary icon.pngChampion Kart Back N Time decal.png

Decal (Champion)
Back N. Time

Legendary icon.pngChampion Kart T Rex Chicken decal.png

Decal (Champion)
T. Rex Chicken

Nitro Gauge unlocks[edit]

Bronze tier items
Nitro needed 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000
Item Default icon.pngCTRNF Nostalginator Kart icon.png


Basic icon.pngCave Painting of Tiny sticker.png

Cave Painting of Tiny

Exotic icon.pngNostalginator Pink paint job.png

Paint Job
Nostalginator Pink

Basic icon.pngCave Painting of Bones sticker.png

Cave Painting of Bones

Exotic icon.pngCTRNF Nostalginator Wheels icon.png


Default icon.pngCTRNF Baby T icon.png

Baby T

Silver tier items
Nitro needed 7000 9000 11000 13000 15000 17000
Item Basic icon.pngTwo Tones decal 2.png

Decal (Nostalginator)
Two Tones

Exotic icon.pngFake Brontosaurus Head sticker.png

Fake Brontosaurus Head

Exotic icon.pngMammoth Brown paint job.png

Paint Job
Mammoth Brown

Basic icon.pngBubbles decal.png

Decal (Nostalginator)

Legendary icon.pngCaveman Fake Crash sticker.png

Caveman Fake Crash

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Dashing Fake Crash icon.png

Dashing Fake Crash

Gold tier items
Nitro needed 21,000 25,000 29,000 33,000 37,000 42,000
Item Default icon.pngCTRNF Mammoth Kart icon.png


Exotic icon.pngCTRNF Mammoth Wheels icon.png


Exotic icon.pngPrehistoric Patterns decal.png

Decal (Mammoth)
Prehistoric Patterns

Legendary icon.pngWar Paint decal.png

Decal (Mammoth)
War Paint

Legendary icon.pngBaby T sticker.png

Baby T

Legendary icon.pngCTRNF Fake Baby T icon.png

Fake Baby T


Pro challenges[edit]

Challenge Description Nitro Points gained
Back Into the Race Win a race in Online Matchmaking while being in 8th place when starting the final lap. 500
Backward Compatible Complete a lap while using the reverse camera throughout 500
Beat the Best Break all Time Crates in N. Gin Labs Relic Race 500
Crate Shatterer Break all Time Crates in Coco Park Relic Race 500
Offroad is Lava Win a race twice in a row in Hot Air Skyway without going off-road. 500
Points are Precious Win a game of Limit Battle in Online Matchmaking without being hit. 500
The Podium is Yours Stand on the online podium with each of the Grand Prix characters. 500
Twice the Fun Hit two opponents using one Bowling Bomb. 500
Reverse Speeding Win a race while driving in reverse during the whole last lap. 750
Untouchable Win five Limit Battles in Nitro Court without being hit. 350

Quick challenges[edit]

Each of the quick challenges earn the player 100 Nitro Points.

Challenge Description
Coming in First Win a race in any mode.
Fashion Show Customize a kart and drive it.
N. Tropy's Apprentice Complete a Time Trial race.
Online Racer Complete a race in Online Matchmaking.
Window Shopping Visit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offers.
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