Willie Wumpa Cheeks

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Willie Wumpa Cheeks
Willie Wumpa Cheeks CTTR JP artwork.jpg
Japanese artwork of Willie Wumpa Cheeks
First appearance Crash Tag Team Racing (2005)
Species Large Wumpa Fruit[citation needed]
Affiliation Ebenezer Von Clutch (formerly)
Voice actor(s) Roger L. Jackson

Willie Wumpa Cheeks (ウィリー ワンパチークス Wirī Wanpachīkusu), often known as Willie for short, is a large, mutated Wumpa Fruit[citation needed] who served as the "jolly mascot" of Von Clutch's MotorWorld during the events of Crash Tag Team Racing. He tends to sing sentences in limericks and rhymes, which disturbs others, especially Neo Cortex and Stew. Willie Wumpa Cheeks is light orange and wears a red suit. His eyebrows are purple, and he has green hands. Willie's nose is a gray dispenser nozzle named the Wumpa Pumpa, which produces Wumpa Whip.

Late into the game, when the suspects are rounded up, the characters conclude that Crash was responsible for stealing the Power Gems as well as Von Clutch's life source, the Black Power Gem, of his love for Wumpa Whip. Out of frustration, Willie admits that he was responsible for the crime, due to being the only obvious suspect. Willie goes to the last world, Astro Land, attempting to blast off in a rocket, but is thwarted by Crash. Crunch Bandicoot pulls Willie out of the rocket, but before he could interrogate Willie on the Black Power Gem's location, Neo Cortex uses his battlecraft to liquefy Willie.