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Wumpa Whip

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Wumpa Whip
Wumpa Whip CTTR DS.png
Artwork of a Wumpa Whip from Crash of the Titans's Nintendo DS version
First appearance Crash Tag Team Racing (2005)
Latest appearance Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS) (2007)
Location(s) Various places
Effect Crash Tag Team Racing:
Temporarily doubles the number of Wumpa Coins that Crash can collect.
Crash of the Titans (DS):
Refills some of Crash's health

Wumpa Whip, also spelled Whumpa Whip,[1] is a type of beverage made from Wumpa Fruit and a favorite drink of Crash Bandicoot. It appears as an item in both Crash Tag Team Racing and Crash of the Titans's Nintendo DS version. Wumpa Whip is a yellow and orange drink (with a bit of green in Crash Tag Team Racing). It is seen in a white cup with a Wumpa Fruit drawn on it, and a red straw is put into the drink itself.


Crash Tag Team Racing[edit]

In Crash Tag Team Racing, Wumpa Whip can be found all over Von Clutch's MotorWorld, and is produced from the nozzle on Willie Wumpa Cheeks's face. Whenever Crash drinks a Wumpa Whip, the value of Wumpa Coins are doubled temporarily until the drink's effect wears off. While Crash is under the effect of Wumpa Whip, the game screen has a bright glow, and a "2x" appears next to the Wumpa Coin counter on the HUD. Wumpa Whips, like other items, do not regenerate automatically. However, when Crash accomplishes a certain task in a certain area, such as collecting the Power Gem, all of the Wumpa Whips, Wumpa Coins, and crates reappear at their original places.

Later, Wumpa Whip is used as a clue to figure out who stole the Black Power Gem. At first, the group thinks that Crash did it because of his fondness for the drink. Willie Wumpa Cheeks then comes out to admit that he is the real culprit.

In Astro Land, when Crash meets up with Willie again, Cortex blasts Willie with a laser wave that disintegrates him into a puddle of Wumpa Whip.

Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS)[edit]

In the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans, Wumpa Whip is an On-Demand Item that restores some of Crash's health when used. Crash occasionally finds them in the levels. There is also a chance that he can obtain a Wumpa Whip from the pachinko machine.


  • The ticking sound effect for using Wumpa Whip in Crash Tag Team Racing has been reused for Mojo Multiplier in both the main and Nintendo DS versions of Crash of the Titans, as both temporarily double the value of a collectible item.


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